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Over the years we have come to rely on the experience, knowledge and workmanship of a lot of different people, groups, businesses and organizations to help us achieve all that we want to with our dogs.  Malamutes are special and in many instances have very specific needs and requirements.  Please see below for some of our recommendations from Flint Sky...

Snowpaw Store

Very knowledgeable staff who will help with sizing and fit, most kit here is Malamute appropriate. 

AMCUK - Alaskan Malamute Club UK

Years of experience and information - up to date details of shows and events.  We highly recommend you join the club when becoming a new Malamute owner.

AMCA - Alaskan Malamute Club of America

Also a very good club to be a part  of - this is where you can gain your AMCA titles in backpacking, trekking and weight pull.  A valuable resource for all things Malamute

Moonfrost Crates

You will almost certainly want to revamp your vehicle soon after getting a Malamute to transport them properly, Moonfrost do custom crates for vans etc - malamute tough!

Galen Therapist - Luisa Grieg

Working dogs are athletes and need to be treated well to keep them in the best fitness possible.  All of our dogs receive regular treatments, and Galen Therapy has proven incredibly helpful.  Luisa has lots of experience working with teams and malamutes - so she knows just how to handle your dog.

SSHC - Scottish Siberan Husky Club

Close knit club of welcoming and friendly mushers in Scotland.  Excellent events and a great source of information for mushing north of the wall.


Custom made sled dog equipment here in Scotland.  Contact Sharon for more details

AMWA - Alaskan Malamute Working Association

Experienced working team - great UK based schemes for backpacking and trekking and yearly training events.  Races and walks also organized.

Articrainbow Alaskan Malamutes

Breeders of our 'Rainbows' Sawyer and Nevada- many years of experience ith the breed and an excellent source of knowledge

Pawsitive Pooches

If you are lucky enough to live in the Somerset/Wiltshire area - I highly recommend these trainers for obedience as they have lots of sled dog specific experience

UCSC United Canine Sports Club

Very knowledgeable club with a broad scope of working types.  It's not easy to get membership - but a good place to get insurance for running the dogs.  Great events.

Snowy Forest
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