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~ Planned Breedings ~

Check here for regular updates on litter information or upcoming breeding plans at Flint Sky.

Planned Breeding for Winter 2021

Details soon to come...

At Flint Sky the dogs are our family.  We add to that family only after extensive consideration in what will be best for us, the team and the pack as a whole.  We never plan a breeding without plans to add to our own pack and so our breedings are rare and to us, very special.   Whilst we may have quite a long waiting list for our puppies, we cherish this time with our new 'puppy people' so that we can really get to know the homes we will be sending our little ones to, and for the prospective owners to get to know us and the dogs incredibly well.  We think of anyone with one of our babies as family, and we hope to welcome you into the wider Flint Sky pack once you are chosen for our list.

We offer endless support for anyone who comes to us, but in particular to those on the list.  We hope that the time spent waiting for one of our puppies will give you lots of experience of living and working with Malamutes and we will try to bring you along on our adventures wherever possible in the months leading up to a breeding so you will have the full experience, and also get to know a lot of other people in the sled dog community as we found - and continue to find - this help, support and source of knowledge absolutely invaluable with these dogs. 

All of our dogs are fully health tested and we have spent years researching and getting to know (personally in almost every instance) the dogs in our lines, so you are not just getting the offspring of one of our dogs - but of an entire line of healthy working dogs with sound temperaments who are as close to what they were originally bread for as we can keep them.  Whilst we do sell to 'pet' homes - we do not breed pet dogs.  We breed Alaskan Malamutes - robust and a little primal and incredibly unique and special, and therefor we are always on the look out for unique and special homes for them.

All of our puppies will be Kennel Club registered here in the UK, and come home with you micro-chipped, with up to date wormers and vaccinations, an extensive puppy pack with information about diet, feeding, your puppy's health and records for dam and sire, a contract, 5 weeks free insurance and a life time of support from us for anything that you may need in your journey with a Flint Sky puppy. 

Also as stud dog owners we follow the same guidelines with regards to breeding our boy who is only available to pre-approved and fully health-tested bitches we feel will be an appropriate match.

Please feel free to contact us any time with questions about getting on our waiting list or upcoming breeding plans.

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